Konichi-minna. Enjoy your stay Onegai~pyon Momo really worked hard for this Blog so please~ Have fun~pyon if you wont enjoy it. May your guilt EAT YOU ALIVE~pyon! Har Har. kidding

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Feeling Blue
Written @ 9:27am


Waking up
Written @ 8:27am

Gomen minna~pyon! Something went Wrong with all the codes and Momo was TOO LAZY to fix them~pyon DEMO Momo kinda sorta fixed it~pyon. CAUSE MOMO IS A GENIUS! O.M.G! I C WHUT CHOO DID THUR~pyon You dun think the I is Genius!? AISYA!!! GET your smelly BUTT in here! I'MUNNA KILL CHOOU *BWAHAHAHAHA!* Aiyou~!!

Momo forgot YES.TUR.DAY
ZHANG visited Momo~pyon! And Momo was like "WTH!! ME OWE CHOO NOTHING!!! What the hell are you Doin' HERE?? ON MY PROPERTY!!"

and then ZHANG said "CHILL!! Just wanna drop some of these AWESOME, FRESHLY BAKED, AND YUMMY White Cookies with Chocolate chips and PECAN" and he was SMIRKING! which DOESN'T look good on him~pyon.

ANYWHO~ When Zhang was saying Awesome, Freshly Baked bla bla Momo was like, DROOLING like this and Momo was thinkin' "STOP TALKIN' AND JUST GIVE ME~pyon!!"

after all the BLA BLA BLA. He went home making Momo go IT'S TIME!! When Momo opened the bag. Momo was like GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY! It's bigger that Momo's Head~pyon It was YUMMEH!!

That's all!
Thanks for Listening to Momo's STUPID

Written @ 3:38pm

Who would have thought that The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show is still airing? NO ONE!~pyon. it's just too old. Most Cartoons here are in Norwegian . . . Momo is still not studying so Momo still can't understand Norwegian. BUT CARTOON NETWORK is in ENGLISH YATTA!!~pyon. Momo thought it was a Happily Ever after after all . . . . . . UNTIL
The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show
Adams Family
Cow & Chicken & I Am Weasel
Johnny Bravo
Dexter's Lab
Pinky and the Brain
The Cramp twins
Although... Momo likes those other old cartoons cause Momo Absolutely Positively & Definitely Misses them ~pyon . Momo is just exaggerating a little bit. There are shows that Momo really Adores... like *drum roll* . . . . .


And there's Johnny Test, Teen Titans, Flapjack and many many more~pyon. Demo Momo is Hoping/Wishing for them to air Mike, Lu & Og, Sheep in the big city, Time squad and most of all . . . The Little Lulu Show → Momo's FIRST ever Cartoon. . . Momo misses it so so MUCH Momo MISSES it so so so so so much~pyon . ANYWAYS... in Disney, Live shows are in English . . . LIKE Hannah Montana~pyon. YATTA!!. and the others are Jonas, Sonny with a chance, Wizards of Waverly place, and other old ones.

That's all for now again
if you Hate Momo... You know what to do. press Alt + F4.

Got Invited
Written @ 7:30pm

okie almost all of Momo's friends have their own Bloggies~pyon. so Momo has an ingenious plan... JOIN the Party!!~pyon. or in Momo's world... JOIN THE TEA PARTY!!. And that's the Reason why Momo is here Today. it was a LONG ADVENTURE for Momo~pyon. Momo had to swim the seas, Climb Mt. Everest, Cross Gobi Desert, Finish a whole MAZE! and get through a Snow Storm~pyon. That was A SUPER Joke~pyon.

Momo had to look for an Awesomely kawaii Theme/Template.
Then Momo had to Learn SO MANY codes.
And then there's This and that.
Momo dun know them ~pyon.
Momo is just an Innocent little Butterfly~pyon
WHY must Momo Suffer? WHY

Oh Wait~ ... Momo wanted a Bloggie~pyon
E~~hehh.. Gomene.Gomene.Gomene.Gomene.

YOU! have now witnessed How DRAMATIC Momo can be~pyon. SO if you don't like how Momo Blogs Press ALT + F4 okie!? Very Good~pyon!. Momo REALLY enjoyed Blogging~pyon. Hope you enjoyed READING & STAYING aswell.

BYE-BYE for now~pyon
Hope you had fun. You better had!~pyon